TrueLock Standard Vented Tile

The TrueLock Standard Vented Tile is the most affordable ribbed tile we have. Each diamond tread pattern tile is 12” x 12” x 1/2” and has six locks per side to ensure a tight seam when locked together. These tiles will stand up to jacks, are resistant to UV, oil, gasoline, and other chemicals, and are made with high-quality 100% virgin raw materials ensuring you have the best tile possible for well under $4.00 per square foot.  TrueLock Standard tiles can carry twice the weight of many of their competitors, according to third-party testing. Available in 10 different captivating colors, you can get creative and design a beautifully unique floor. You can tile the average 2-car garage for under $1000 in a single afternoon. Since the only prep needed is to measure, order, and sweep your floor, TrueLock Standard may be the easiest upgrade you’ll ever do.

TrueLock Standard vented tiles can be used anywhere, not just in the garage. They are excellent in places that get a lot of water or snowmelt, as they allow water to fall through the tile keeping it away from your feet and allowing it to evaporate away through the vented face of the tile. Since TrueLock Standard tiles do not require any adhesive, they can easily be disassembled to be relocated, reconfigured, and reused as your needs require. TrueLock Standard tiles are great for rental spaces since they can be removed without leaving any evidence of being there at all.  TrueLock Standard is truly the best balance between quality and price you will find in an American-made tile.

Please note larger orders may come via freight delivery while smaller orders will come UPS ground.

Often we go out and look for the cheapest garage floor tiles. We get it. Especially these days. There are a lot of tile brands on the market to cover your garage floor, and many of them look the same. That said, we believe it is important that when you are looking for garage floor tiles to cover that ugly concrete garage floor you consider everything. While you might not need the best garage floor tiles, we highly suggest an American Made product.

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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 0.5 in

Chocolate Brown, Citrus Yellow, Jet Black, Slate Gray, Pearl Silver, Mocha Java, Racing Red, Arctic White, Royal Blue, Tropical Orange


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