TrueLock Plus Ribbed Garage Floor Tile
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TrueLock Plus Ribbed Tile

The ideal garage floor tile for wet climates and/or intense UV exposure. For a high end rigid garage floor tile this would be our first choice.

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TrueLock Plus Ribbed Garage Floor Tile

TrueLock Plus tiles are by far the most versatile rigid garage floor tile on the market.Each TrueLock Plus Premium Ribbed tile is 15.75”X15.75” and .75” thick with six locks per side providing a quiet and durable surface. The ribs are placed wide enough to allow excellent drainage but not so far apart that you can’t wear your favorite stilettos with confidence. Since this tile is made of only the highest quality raw material they are made to outlast the 15 year warranty.

TrueLock Plus Premium Ribbed tiles are a great solution to a wet, dusty or generally unattractive floor. These tiles are able to take any floor from a bummer to a beauty in no time at all. TrueLock  Plus Premium Ribbed tiles allow snow, water and dirt to fall through the tile leaving you with a clean dry floor to walk on, You are able to vacuum or power wash the debris away at your leisure. These tiles are great for use in your garage, your pool cabana, greenhouse, shed or even your patio. With little fear of the traditional issues associated with expansion and contraction this tile is well suited to be used both indoors and out all year long. Since these tiles are heavier than your traditional tile by almost a pound you can rely on the strength of the tile to stand up to anything you can throw at it. With the virtual stain proof quality of the tile you can expect for them to look just as great in 15 years as they do the day you install them.  Since each side of the tile has six locks (50% more than the competitor) you never have to worry about a tight fit.

TrueLock  Plus Premium Ribbed tiles have been used in residential and commercial garages, boathouses, veterinary clinics, zoos and even as temporary decking in outdoor tradeshows! This versatile tile can be assembled (and disassembled) with ease by even the most novice of DIY assembler. They are ideal to set up a temporary “deck” outside the RV when you are on the trail or to Wow your neighbors when you are at home.



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