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We are leaving all products as ‘In Stock’ but many products have longer than usual lead times up to 27 days on tiles and longer on G-Floor rolls over 24′. Please call for exact lead time on the product you wish to order.

A Safer Surface

You just installed your brand new garage floor. Exciting right? And then…winter strikes. Snow inevitably finds itself in your garage. With other garage floor tiles, the moisture sits on top of the tiles. The melted snow creates a dangerous and messy situation. All the moisture flows through the Free-Flow tiles. The tiles stay clean and dry, and the floor is safer to walk on.

Satisfy Industry Standards

The TrueLock tiles satisfy the highest quality standards and high industry expectations at an affordable price. The tiles can be quickly and easily installed over a concrete floor. Our Ribbed Flow-Through tiles measure 12″ x 12″ x 1/2″ thick. Their strength is proven through industry tests that show the tiles can hold rolling loads over 36,000 pounds. The TrueLock brand tiles are manufactured in an ISO-Certified facility. They are resistant to fungus, mold, and bacteria. The tiles come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

Installation Tips

To install, snap the tiles together to form the pattern that you like. Tiles can be trimmed for a polished look. For a quicker installation process, we recommend cutting the tiles only at the right side and rear of the garage. Our tiles, while a beautiful addition to a garage floor, is not a substitute for proper garage treatment. A typical garage floor is treatable for less than $100 using a product like the B4 Floor Prep. With the flow through tiles, we highly recommend a garage floor sealer to protect the concrete

For a wall-to-wall installation, order enough female tile edges to track your garage floor door. A single-car garages door is usually 10-12 feet long. For two-car garages, it is often 16-20 feet. When you begin your installation, start in the left corner so that one female edge, the side with the loops, is facing the right side of the garage and the back of the garage. When you complete the installation of the tiles and stand outside of your garage door facing in, you should see only the male sides of the tile. Then, install the female edge pieces. The tile is backed with a 12-year manufacturer defect warranty. The manufacturer guarantees that the materials supplied will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 12 years from the installation date.

When Life Get’s Messy

If you get dirt under the tile, there is no need to remove the tiles. You can wash the floor right through them, or shop vac the through the tile. If you are using water or detergents, avoid contact with drywall and other items that may be damaged.

Affordable Price

These tiles usually cost $3.96/sq ft, but we’re offering them here for $3.79/sq ft.

Don’t forget to order your TrueLock Tile Edges as well! They’re listed above, or you can click here.


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