A New Profile

The TrueLock HD Extreme Diamond tiles feature the perfect diamond pattern. In the past, customers faced a choice; a diamond profile that is difficult to work on or a diamond profile that is hardly a diamond. This new diamond profile is beautifully cut and has a profile low enough that it is easily rolled over. While it may not be the first choice for the person who works in their garage on a creeper all day, rolling toolboxes will roll over the tile just fine. The tiles provide excellent traction, although we always recommend exercising caution when walking on the wet floor.

A Proven Substructure

While the top of the tile is essential, we can’t forget about the substructure, which is why the TrueLock tiles were engineered to satisfy both functional needs and beauty expectations. We combined the new profile with a substructure from leading tiles in the industry. The ‘old’ foundation has proven itself time and time again to be durable according to tough ASTM standards.  All TrueLock tiles allow moisture and air to flow freely underneath it. When water ends up underneath the surface of the tile, the time-proven system allows air and water to leave the system to avoid causing damage to the concrete. 

American Made

Like all of our other TrueLock HD tiles, this tile is American-made. We refuse to sacrifice quality for cheaply-made imported tiles.

Installation Tips

Start the installation process with a tile in the left corner with your male edge, the one without the loops, facing the left side of the garage and the other facing the garage door. Work from left to right and front to back.  When installing edges, the female edge should be used for the garage door. For a wall to wall installation, you need only to order enough female edges to track the garage door. The TrueLock HDXT Diamond tile comes with a twelve-year manufacturer defect warranty. This warranty states that materials supplied shall be free from manufacturing defects for twelve years from the date of installation.

Combine Them!

Many of our customers opt to combine the TrueLock HD Extreme Diamond tiles with the TrueLock HD Ribbed tiles to optimize functionality.

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Alloy, Blue, Red, White, Gray, Black

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  1. Mike

    Every so often you receive a product that matches it’s provider’s description. That’s what happened when I started installing my new flooring tiles from Garage Flooring. Strong, attractive, easy to use. It converted my garage to actual living space.

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