Perfect Profile

The small textured coins provide the perfect surface for working on. The coins are closer together, allowing for a greater surface of the tile to have the pattern on it. The small coin tiles have increased material per tile and more durability. Our tile weighs between 20% and 33% more than our competitor’s tiles. Secondly, the small coin pattern reduces the rolling resistance for creepers, toolboxes, or anything else with wheels. The surface of the tile allows for even smaller wheels to roll across it. Each coin is lightly textured and when contrasted with the smooth base, the coins ‘pop.’ Because of the texture, the tile looks more natural and less like plastic. The best part of the texturized surface is that it hides scuffs better and keeps your garage floor looking new. Along with being aesthetically pleasing, the light texture increases traction underfoot while still maintaining an easy-to-clean surface.

American Made

All of our TrueLock HD tiles are American-made because we believe that quality at affordable prices beats cheaply-made and imported on any day of the week!


These garage tiles are incredibly strong! The tile is supported with the same science behind the best garage tiles in the industry and the increased material that the small coin pattern causes by nature. Therefore, this tile features a tight-knit substructure that will support heavy rolling loads without crushing under pressure. To further the performance of this tile, even more, use a synthetic underlayment, which promotes an even quieter floor without impacting the performance of the tile.

Fungus Resistant

The TrueLock HDXT tile materials passed ASTM G 21 to prove fungus resistance – no growth. We took these materials and combined them with a subsurface that allows water to escape and air to flow. This tile does not promote the growth of fungus, mold, or material. However, if you spill food, beverage, or other organic items, you should clean the floor. It is also important to note that you should wash your floor before installation to maintain a clean substrate.

Installation Tips

For a wall-to-wall installation, order enough female tile edges to track your garage floor door. For single-car garages, the door is usually 10-12 feet. For two-car garages, it is often 16-20 feet. When you begin your installation, start in the left corner so that one female edge, the side with the loops, is facing the right side of the garage and the back of the garage. When you complete the installation of the tiles and stand outside of your garage door facing in, you should see only the male sides of the tile. Then, install the female edge pieces. The tile is backed with a 12-year manufacturer defect warranty. The manufacturer guarantees that the materials supplied will be free from manufacturing defects for 12 years from the installation date.

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  1. David W

    Great price; fast shipping; owner followed up to make sure everything was right. Would definitely buy from them again – I recommend them highly!

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