Rust Bullet Saves The Hassle and Expense of Garage Floor Epoxy With Time Proven System. Superior to Paint!

Tired of garage floor epoxy systems that sell for thousands of dollars and then lift from hot tires. Or those $99 miracle garage floor coatings in a box that simply do not work. Rust Bullet is the answer for your concrete coating project. From garages to industrial projects, our coatings kits will simply and easily cover your concrete surface.

Unlike garage floor epoxy, you do not need to grind or etch your garage floor for most applications. Rust Bullet will not lift from hot tires and is incredibly well tested by accredited third party organizations. Our kits include solvent, oil stain remover and appropriate amount of Rust Bullet for two coats. Please note if this is for a commercial or industrial applications, we suggest 3-4 coats of Rust Bullet so you will need additional material.

Rust Bullet is a urethane based material, not an epoxy and not a paint. Rust Bullet has been proven to continuous temperatures exceeding 300 degrees so it will not lift from hot tires. Rust Bullet is a single component urethane so it will not have the mixing and curing issues associated with two component products.

Additional information

Rust Bullet Kit Sizes

1000 sq. ft., 200 sq. ft., 2000 sq. ft., 250 sq. ft., 400 sq. ft., 500 sq. ft.

Rust Bullet Kit Colors

Black, Metallic Gray, Metallic Gray With Clear Top Coat, White


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