Park Smart Clean Park Containment Mats

The Park Smart Clean Park Containment Mat is one of the original containment mats on the market. Depending on the grade you select, the product is made of 20 Mil or 50 Mil PVC and has snap on sides and ramp pieces. We highly suggest the 50 Mil product and will not recommend or accept any returns on the 20 Mil product.

The 50 Mil is among our customer’s favorites. It is 50/1000ths of an inch and incredibly durable. Most sizes (everything over 10′) are shipped rolled, not folded. This means that you do not have to worry about wrinkles and the product relaxes very quickly. The 50 Mil product has a 3 year warranty. The 20 Mil product is shipped folded and has a one year warranty.

Additional information

Park Smart Grades

20-Mil, 50-Mil

Park Smart Sizes

3′ × 4′, 4.5′ × 9′, 7.5′ × 14′, 7.5′ × 16′, 7.5′ × 18′, 7.5′ × 20′, 7.5′ × 22′, 9′ × 20′ (20-Mil Only), 9′ × 22′ (20-Mil Only)


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