NORSK PVC Garage Tiles

 As low as $3.59 / Sq. Ft |13.95 Sq. Ft Per Case (6 Tiles) | 18.3″ x 18.3″ x 1/4″

Mushroom-Tooth Design

The Norsk™ patented mushroom-tooth design features the strongest connection on the market. The robust interlocking mechanism ensures that tiles will not separate, even under adverse conditions; abrupt turning tires won’t detach the tiles. With the interlocking-tooth design, the easy-to-install tiles also reduce waste. Hook-and-Loop tile installations can result in up to 10% waste. The typical Norsk™ installation cuts waste in half; customers typically see less than 5% waste per installation as all sides of the tile boast the same patented mushroom-tooth interlocking technology.

Easily Installed

Norsk™ multi-purpose interlocking floors are easy to install. All that one needs for installation is a tape measure, utility knife, and a rubber mallet. No adhesives are required. Because the tiles are flexible, the tiles are installable over uneven or deformed subfloor surface. It a tile is damaged, simply replace it by extracting the old tile, using a small screwdriver, and lightly hitting the new tile in place with a rubber mallet.

Premium Thickness

More material = better performance. When compared with other products on the market, Norsk PVC flooring surpasses the competition; Norsk™ tiles are .250 inches (6.5 mm) thick while many competing PVC tiles are only 4.5mm thick. In other words, Norsk™ tiles are 30% thicker than competing tiles. The premium thickness provides a more durable surface area for use under vehicles or equipment in your garage.

Patented Air-Dry™ System

Only Norsk™ interlocking floors feature the patented Air-Dry™ design. The system allows airflow under the tiles, permitting moisture to evaporate or travel out the garage door quickly. The trim kits include the same feature. With the patented Air-Dry™ design, Norsk™ boasts the most advanced PVC flooring product on the market.

NORSK PVC tiles for garages and commercial locations are one of our favorite products. They outperform many similar products because of their superior design. What makes them superior? First, their Air Dry System effectively deals with any moisture that gets under the tile and allows it to dry. Second, their mushroom tooth design does not pull apart and all sides of the tile are exactly the same so you can reuse cut pieces.

NORSK PVC tiles are also incredibly flexible. They are tough enough for your truck but reduce fatigue on your feet. In our opinion, at prices as low as $3.59/sf the Norsk tiles are one of the best values in the industry. They cover damaged concrete and are easy to install. All you need is a knife or saw and a rubber mallet. They are also incredibly durable. Order a sample and take a hammer to it. You will be impressed.

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Additional information

Weight N/A
Norsk Tile Patterns

Coin, Diamond, RhinoTec, Vented Sport

Norsk Tile Colors

Beige, Black, Graphite, Gray, Pewter


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