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We believe in quality. That is why we offer the TrueLock HD Coin tiles. These tiles are American-made. They are better engineered, stronger, and thicker than cheap imitation garage floor tiles made in China. The tiles that we offer are made to the highest quality standards and satisfy the high expectations of the industry – at an affordable price.  Our HD Coin tiles measure 12” x 12” x ½” thick. The tiles are designed for quick and easy install over a concrete floor. The HD coin tiles transform a garage from a cold concrete area to a functional and beautiful room that is usable in a variety of ways. The TrueLock HD coin tiles come with a ten-year manufacturer warranty that warrants that the materials supplied will be free from manufacturing defects for ten years from the installation date. Other coin products.

Satisfy Tough Industry Standards.

Are you wondering how durable these tiles are? The TrueLock HD coin tiles tested and passed a third-party assessment for rolling loads and compression vs. crush following ASTM D3998 standards. The product is also proven to have a 5-10% noise reduction coefficient. Note that these tests are completed in ideal circumstances and that not every garage is ideal. For further noise reduction, we recommend the use of a synthetic underlayment such as landscape fabric. This product keeps getting better as it has tested and passed third-party testing to be in accordance with ASTM G 21, proving its fungus resistance- no growth. The tiles are also resistant to mildew and bacteria, though we do suggest common-sense garage practices such as cleaning up any spills in the garage. In short, these tiles allow water and air to flow through the substructure, thereby avoiding fungus.

Garage Floor Prep

There isn’t much. Although the tiles are the perfect addition to your garage, they are not a substitute for proper concrete treatment and protection. We recommend treating the garage floor before tile installation. The ordinary homeowner can treat their garage floor for less than $100 using the B4 Floor Prep or a similar garage.

Installation Tips

Installation of the tiles is rather straightforward; the tiles have four sides. Two of the sides have loops, and the other has pegs. The sides with the loops are referred to as female and the side with the pegs as male. Start the installation process in the left front corner of the garage. One male side should be facing the garage door and the other, the left side of the garage. For a wall-to-wall installation, you only need to order female edges to track the garage door. If you installed your tiles correctly, standing from outside the garage door and looking in, you should see the male sides of the tiles – this is where you connect the female edges. We always recommend ordering a few more garage tiles and edges than you need to be safe. 

The typical garage uses female edge pieces at the entrance. For example, a 16′ garage door would require 16 female edges. We also have male edges and edges with corner pieces if you are not doing a wall-to-wall installation.

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