Diamond Deck Diamond Tread Mats

Diamond Deck garage floor mats are an imported, less expensive garage floor mat when compared to the G-Floor Diamond Mat. While we prefer the G-Floor product because it is American Made, the Diamond Deck performs substantially better than other ‘Made in China’ products we have considered. It provides a good option for someone looking for a quality, inexpensive garage floor mat, as opposed to a cheap one.

Diamond Deck is a PVC mat with a thin color layer that provides the silver or graphite look. Larger kits are actually multiple mats and will require installation.

Diamond Deck is a stylish, easy install roll-out floor mat. Diamond Deck is the only non-American-made PVC garage floor cover we carry. We have chosen to carry this imported product due to the way it is shipped and stored. Unlike many vinyl floor coverings made outside the US, Diamond Deck is shipped and stored in large quantity rolls and then cut to size when it is ordered. Since Diamond Deck is stored on a larger roll it will relax much faster than other products rolled on small tight rolls for long periods of time. With the great variety of sizes, you can easily cover your garage, patio or workshop in no time. Simply roll out the flooring and trim it with scissors or a carpet knife. Diamond Deck is unaffected by battery acid and resistant to oil, gasoline, brake fluid, and anti-freeze, making it a great alternative to put under everything from a golf cart to a super-duty truck. Diamond Deck is a less expensive alternative to G Floor to cover your floor.

Whether you are going to cover the floor in your basement, workshop, laundry room, or man cave floor Diamond Deck will give you a touch of rugged style. This product comes in two great metallic tones: Metallic Silver and Metallic Graphite. Diamond Deck is waterproof, making it a great option for temporary floorings such as motor home patios, festival booths and other outdoor activities. Smaller rolls of Diamond Deck have even been used to line toolbox drawers, workbench tops, and kennel liners. Diamond Deck makes a great mat to keep decks free of staining from coolers, kiddie pools, or under the patio table for that big family gathering. Indoors or out, your Diamond Deck mat is sure to impress! (Don’t worry no one will know it took no time at all to install). You can also consider Containment mats.

Additional information

Diamond Deck Sizes

10′ × 24′ — One Car Kit, 20′ × 24′ — Two Car Kit, 5′ × 3′, 5′ × 7.5′, 5′ × 9′, 7.5′ × 14′, 7.5′ × 17′, 7.5′ × 20′

Diamond Deck Colors

Black, Charcoal, Pewter


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