Commercial Grade Coin Roll-Out Garage Flooring

The original coin pattern roll-out garage flooring is available in 3 standard colors and 4 sizes. The coin flooring is 75 Mil and is ideal for residential and commercial applications. We also have coin flooring for trailer applications in felt-backed rolls.  View garage floor tiles.

For years, the rollout coin flooring has been a customer favorite. We now also have the more affordable small coin pattern. The coins provide an attractive floor and floor that is great for workshops and mancaves.  The solid PVC is American Made with only the finest raw materials. All of our G-Floor mats are stored flat on the factory floor. This allows them to relax quicker once you receive them.

One reason the coin pattern is so popular is the wide variety of colors and sizes. We can make custom lengths as well. It provides exceptional protection to the concrete below when installed in a wall-to-wall application. While this product can be installed just underneath the vehicle, this particular pattern is usually installed over the majority of the garage floor — if not wall-to-wall.

The G-Floor coin mat is made from 100% PVC, with the coin dimensions of 1.25” diameter, 0.030” relief and 0.025” apart. The coin provides a stylish look while protecting your floor from any damage. If the floor is already stained or cracked, no need to clean or fill in the cracks these mats can just lay over the top of them. The coins provide a smooth surface giving a unique look.

No need to hire a professional to install this is an easy DIY project. Set the mat in place of where you want it to lay, and simply roll it out. If you need to do some trimming just take a utility knife and a straight edge. Sound simple? That’s because it really is that simple. No mixing, no big mess. As a plus, you can start parking and using the mats on the same day as the layout. No need to wait for a cure time!

The G-Floor coin mat is available in 75 Mil along with selective sizes in the 85 mil. These two sizes work great for industrial and commercial usage. For an active area where items are being moved around quite often then this is an option. With smooth coins, they make it easy to move things around.

Are you in need of installing a floor as a permanent application? We do have the adhesives that are recommended for doing so. You might want to look at the coin flooring in the felt back as well. The felt back does help with better adhesion.

The coin mats do come in 6 different colors. This way you are not stuck with choosing black or grey. One thing to keep in mind these mats can stain. Once you have decided on which mat make sure to check out our Hallway product to keep your mat(s) looking new!

Custom sizing is available in the G-floor mats. If you are not seeing a size that will work for you give us a call, and we can help you figure it out. Custom mats do take 3-6 weeks to ship.

A Quick Note:

Certain size mats will be shipped freight involving assistance with the unloading at a delivery time! Check out this article on starting your first DIY garage project!

Check out all coin garage flooring information.

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5' x 10', 8.5' x 22', 7.5' x 17', 10' x 24'


Gray, Black, Sandstone


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