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Auto Floor Guard Containment Mat

Our best containment mat! The Auto Floor Guard is quick and easy and has maintained a 4-5 star rating after thousands of sales on multiple sites. No assembly required. Just unpack and lay it out.

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Auto Floor Guard Containment Mat

The Auto Floor Guard (Auto Floor Guard) is by far our most popular and favorite containment mat. It is the containment mat we would use in our own garage. It is a single piece mat with built in edges. The mat is constructed of a reinforced, PVC impregnated fabric. The edges are constructed of closed sell foam. The mat is than wrapped around the edges and heat welded forming a watertight seal.

The AutoFloorGuard comes in three standard sizes. An 7’9″ x 16,  the 7’9″x18′ Premium Auto Floor Guard and an 8×20 . All AutoFloorGuard products now come with the taller edge. The Standard size is great for smaller vehicles. The premium size is ideal for most full size cars and the deluxe is ideal for those with larger SUVs.

This product has become our best selling containment mat and we highly suggest ordering it while supplies last. The product has been so popular that multiple additional containers have been ordered and stock shortages are expected.

Installation is simple. Just unpack from the box, unfold and unroll the product and let it relax. No complicated edges to assemble and no cutting is required. Just a simple, effective way to catch snow, dirt and water and stop it from going all over your garage floor! It is important to note that this product is not considered decorative garage flooring. It is a functional product and its on;ly purpose is containment.

If you are looking for decorative garage flooring, we suggest our BLT garage floor mats.

If you need a custom size Auto Floor Guard, we invite you to give us a call. We have full custom capabilities and we are happy to quote you. Custom mats may take 2-3 weeks for delivery. In the busy season an additional week may be necessary.

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7'9" x 16 Standard, 7'9" x 18 Premium, 8' x 20' Delux


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