Residential Grade Ribbed Garage Mats

The G-Floor Ribbed mat is the foundation of the G-Floor Product line. This is a mat with channels to help clear the liquid and debris that may come into the garage. The channels do run the length of the mat making for an easy drain or sweep to the garage door. Have you spilled something on your floor that has spread everywhere? With the Ribbed mat the channels helps the spills from spreading across the floor making an easy clean up. Each raised lip is 0.125in in the width, 0.030in tall, and spaced at 0.375in apart. IMPORTANT: Certain sizes and color combinations will not be available until 10/01/17.

The ribbed mat can be used as a single parking mat or even for a wall-to-wall application. Just simply roll out the mat to where the channels are parallel with the garage door. If you want to do the wall-to-wall application then with the next roll simply line it up against the first mat and then roll it out. Sounds easy, that’s because it really is.  These mats can be used as a floating floor but if you prefer the mats to be a permanent application we have the accessories and adhesives you may need –but they are not required.


Do you want to color coordinate an area or simply  find a color you like? These ribbed mats have 6 different colors to choose from. It will be easy to pick a color that will best fit your needs. These mats are an easy DIY project. They can be put down by one person, but we like to recommend that you have a partner just for safety and an extra hand. When it comes to trimming the mats you don’t have to go out and buy an expensive tool all you need is a straight edge and a utility knife. No back breaking labor  or a big mess to clean up after words. Cleaning time: just use a broom or simple spray the mat down.

We do offer accessories for the mats as well. Don’t forget to take a look. We have edge strips to apply a full finished look; we even have a cleaning solution that we do recommend for the mats as well.

The 55 Mil residential grade ribbed garage mats from Better Life Technology are the original wide format roll out garage flooring and parking pad. This is the original G-Floor product. The grooves or ribs are designed to help channel moisture, dirt and debris out of the garage. The mats come in a variety of sizes and colors. We are also able to cut custom length mats on request. Many of our customers will use small mats just under their cars. Other customers will install the product wall to wall.

The ribbed pattern is popular in areas where there is a lot of moisture. It helps to contain moisture better than other patterns. The downside of the ribbed pattern is it is not great for a ‘working’ garage. You can certainly walk on the ribbed mats barefoot, but a product like the small coin will offer better traction and be much more comfortable. That said the ribbed product has been the most popular garage floor mat for over a decade. Check out this article on starting your first DIY garage project!


Lead Times

We are leaving all products as ‘In Stock’ but many products have longer than usual lead times up to 27 days on tiles and longer on G-Floor rolls over 24′. Please call for exact lead time on the product you wish to order. Check out our other garage floor mats.

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5' x 10', 8.5' x 22', 7.5' x 17', 10' x 24'


Gray, Black, Sandstone


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