The wide variety of garage floor coatings that exist all have their own benefits.  However, moisture-cured urethanes have become popular because when you start with an epoxy coat on your garage floor you protect it with urethane! Our hybrid Polyura product, Polyaspartic, utilizes the single component properties of a moisture-cured urethane that gives you a durable and chemical-resistant floor with an easy installation process. There is still some floor prep required, so make sure to check out this Data Sheet and Product Info Download.

Included with system: gray single coat, clear single coat, 1# flake per 100 sq. ft.


This product is also available in a 500 Square Foot Full Broadcast kit.




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B-310 1-4, B-411 1-4, B-421 1-4, B-602 1-4, B-605 -14


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