Containment Mats

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We offer the best containment mats in the business.  TruContain has been rated the best garage floor containment mat for snow and mud by All Garage Floors. No assembly required. Attractive gray color. Clearance pricing on AutoFloorGuard one piece containment mats. We also offer the Park Smart Clean Park in a 20 Mil and 50 Mil. Containment mats are designed to protect the garage floor from snow, road salts, rain and more.

For TruContain, simply un-box and lay flat. The containment mat does the rest. Park your vehicle on the mat and snow will be contained by the edges. also great for four-wheeling vehicles.

We offer the guaranteed lowest prices, free shipping, usually the same day and an outstanding assortment of products. Need help? Just give us a call!

We are no longer a distributor of the AutoFloorGuard containment Mat. TruContain and AutoFloorGuard are not related. We are clearing out our inventory of AutoFloorGuard garage floor mats.

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Park Smart Mats vs TruContain

First and foremost, we will not consider the 20 Mil Park Smart Mat. The 50 Mil park smart mat is shipped rolled, not folded. It is a nice heavyweight and tends to lay flatter faster. A great deal of assembly is required.

TruContain Mats do not require any assembly. They are fast and easy. The downside to the TruContain mat is it comes in a box and will have wrinkles and creases.

We find the TruContain edges to be more effective in the long-term as plastic edges may break.