Best Garage Floor Coatings

Polyurea Garage Floor Coatings

Polyurea Garage Floor Coatings provide enhanced chemical and UV resistance in a system that is generally superior to garage floor epoxy and easier to install. While concrete preparation is still key, garage floor polyurea is way more forgiving and does not require any chemical mixing.

No Chemical Mixing

Garage Floor Epoxy has a Part A and a Part B. The Part B is added to the epoxy to create a chemical reaction. These two parts have to be combined in the perfect ratio to get a proper cure. This can make installation very difficult, especially on larger projects where multiple batches have to be combined or smaller projects where a batch needs to be split

No Rush

The chemical reaction described above means that epoxy cures very very rapidly. Polyurea by contrast has a virtually unlimited potlife

Non Yellowing

Unlike epoxy, Polyurea does not generally yellow from UV rays. If you work with your garage door open or if you have windows in the garage, Polyurea is a much better option

No Hot Tire Lifting

Properly installed polyurea garage floor coatings will not lift from hot tires. Polyurea bonds permanently to the concrete.

Insane Buying Power

As part of the Garage Flooring network we have the ability to offer prices that are competitive with the big box stores while offering advice and service that can't be offered anywhere else.


Between flake colors, partial broadcast and full broadcast as well as base colors you have virtually unlimited design options

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