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All Weather Floors released our favorite garage floor coating yet. AWF introduced combined a Polyaspartic Polyurea with the single-component properties of a moisture-cured urethane. In plain English, this combination makes for an incredibly durable and chemical-resistant floor. All this, with an easy installation process. Limited prep-work, virtually unlimited pot-life, no roller marks, no guessing, and a team of highly-qualified garage-floor experts to help you along the way.

Easy Prep

With some coatings, you face hours of prep-work before you even think about the actual coating installation. Before installing the polyurea, prep an untreated floor without grinding our muriatic acid; we recommend our eco-etch product, a safer etching method for garage floors.

Thicker Coating

Perception matters. People tend to look at coatings like paint on a wall when, in actuality, it is three dimensional. When we look at a surface through the lens of “how much is needed to coat the area,” we see some customers opt for a less expensive system that has a higher spread rate per gallon. For example, one takes a gallon of material and spreads it over 300 Sq. Ft. rather than the recommended 200 Sq. Ft. The thinner coat leaves the flooring less durable and less attractive.

Our Polyurea kits provide enough material for a spread rate of 200 Sq. Ft. per gallon. Furthermore, even our two-coat system is 4.4 times thicker than inexpensive garage coatings and 20-30% thicker than coatings designed similarily by competitors. More coating on the floor means better color-depth, better gloss, better performance, and better at hiding flaws from the installation process. Simply put, our coating kits are just better.

The Right Coating?

To be clear, no single coating that is perfect for everyone. The AWF Polyurea is the coating that we suggest for the majority of our customers. It is essential to understand that there is no ideal coating for every customer in every situation. When concrete is heavily damaged, many times, a 100%-solids epoxy is a better coating. Welding in your garage? Call us. If there are specific chemicals that you know your garage will be exposed to, call us. If you have questions, please call us.

A Little Extra

Nobody’s perfect! That’s why we built a little forgiveness into the amount of material that we ship. A 250 Sq. Ft. system could adequately cover up to 300 square feet. Because you are spreading the coating onto a larger surface area, mil thickness would be reduced but within an acceptable range for a durable coating. For full broadcast systems, customers may desire to order additional flake. Customers also have the option to order add-on kits. One should split the add-on kits to cover all coats before tinting the material.

Our garage floor coating kits provide several options for protecting and jazzing up your garage floor.  From our 2-coat kits that utilize a gray base color, clear polyurea coat, and flake to our full broadcast kits that add a choice of base color and an extra layer of clear coat, you’ll find exactly the right DIY garage floor kit for your space.  We offer 2-coat, 3-coat and full broadcast options.

Our product, Polyaspartic, uses those moisture cured urethane qualities.  It provides a dependable, protected floor that’s easy to install.  Because some floor prep is still required, check out our product information sheet here.

For more information or if you have questions about the garage floor coating kits, be sure to contact us.

2-Coat Polyurea Garage Floor Kits

3-Coat Polyurea Garage Floor Kits

Choose from black, blue, gray, tan or white base colors.

Full Broadcast Polyurea Garage Floor Kits

Choose from black, blue, gray, tan or white base colors.

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Garage Floor Coating Kits
Garage Floor Coating Kits
garage floor coatings

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