From Containment to Decorative Garage Floor Mats

Garage Floor Mats -- BLT & TruContain

Garage floor mats are among the easiest and most popular choices for garage flooring. Generally, we break garage mats down into two unique but equally important classifications. Roll-out garage flooring such as the BLT garage floor mat is a decorative garage floor that protects the concrete underneath. It is available in different patterns and colors and is American Made. Containment mats are a functional item. They are a lightweight fabric that has been coated with PVC and has a heat-welded edge. While it is not a pretty mat, it keeps water and sludge from running off your car and into everything else in the garage. Check out this article on starting your first DIY garage project! We also have a full selection of garage floor tiles

No Etching or Grinding

Unlike garage floor coatings, garage floor mats require little to no floor preparation. Even small cracks and expansion joints can be hidden. In many cases, no glues, adhesives, or chemicals are used. This makes garage floor mats a very DIY-friendly installation. Learn about the different types of garage floor mats.

Parking Pads

Many of our customers will use one or more individual mats as a parking pad. In some cases, this is done to protect and epoxy the garage floor while in other cases it is done purely for decoration. When selecting this type of installation, garage mats are incredibly quick and affordable to install.


Wall-to-wall installation is definitely possible with roll-out garage flooring. This is especially try for garages up to 20x24 when only one seam will be required. We can custom-cut the length of the flooring for larger garages. Installation of large garages where there will be more than one seam has specific concerns and you should discuss this with our customer service team before placing an order.

Containment Mats

TruContain is one of our few imported products. It is a lightweight and inexpensive way to contain snow, water, mud, debris, and more. For winter or year-round use, the TruContain mat helps keep your garage floor clean but is not designed to be decorative flooring.

Trailer Flooring Applications

Call us today for special roll-out flooring that is designed for use as trailer flooring.

Made in The USA

G-Floor, all our poly propylene garage tile, and all of our garage floor coatings are Mader in the USA. A handful of products like TruContain containment mats and NORSK flexible garage tile are made overseas

Garage Floor Mats -- BLT & TruContain
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