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About GarageFloor.com

GarageFloor.com is a Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado company and is based in Grand Junction, Colorado. We are more than just a website and an email. We are involved in our community, have office and warehouse space, and we have a staff that is specifically trained in the products we sell. In some cases, such as coatings, Drymate Max, TruContain®, and others, we warehouse and ship the product from our location as well as Amazon.com warehouses across the country. In other cases, we drop products direct from the manufacturer.

How do I know I can trust GarageFloor.com

Garage Floor.com is owned and operated by Garage Flooring LLC. Garage Flooring LLC is a member of the BBB and has an A+ rating with them. At the time of this post, we have never had a single complaint. We also are very active in the garage flooring industry. You will frequently see us on forums such as The Garage Journal. Perhaps you can prove us wrong, but we have searched the web, and we can’t find anyone who has anything bad to say about us 🙂 To the contrary, you will find many forum entries about our customer service; pictures of jobs we sold, video reviews from happy customers and so much more.

How long have we been in business?

Garage Flooring LLC acquired GarageFloor.com is late February of 2015. Garage Flooring LLC has been doing business since 2011. Justin Krauss, one of the owners, has been in the garage flooring industry since 2001. Garage Flooring LLC only acquired to domain name garagefloor.com via Network Solutions. We did not acquire the old website or the old business and are not affiliated with Par 4, LLC, or JNK Products. We simply purchased the domain name.

Will I get the best price?

We can guarantee you that you will get a fair price! Sometimes we find a club store or a big box store that has a lower price on a few select items. If you know exactly what you want and exactly how you want to install it, this can be a very good deal. In most cases, our customers find that we offer the best overall value. We are experienced in the business; we provide free samples, we can help you determine the best product for your needs and exactly how much of it you will need. Can we guarantee you that you will get the best price 100% of the time, NO! But if you find a better price elsewhere, and you do not believe our service is worth the difference, please let us know and we are happy to see what we can do. That said, compared to other online retailers, our delivered price is typically the lowest you will find.

What makes your service different from everyone else?

When Justin Krauss first got into the garage flooring business in 2001, the competition was catalog companies. Today there are countless online retailers and a select group of home centers and club stores that sell the product as well.  We do an incredible volume in garage flooring. It’s not because we are the highest ranked or spend the most money, but because we know the product, we educate our customers, and our customers like to do business with us. We take our job seriously. Our job is to get you in the best garage floor for the way you use it at the best possible price and get it there as quickly as possible. We are one of very few companies that repeatedly and regularly suggests customers get a sample before placing their order. We are real people in a real office with real product on-hand and over a decade of practical experience to make sure you get what you need!

The other thing you will notice is we do not sell cheap garage flooring. Our business has no interest in taking your money for a cheap product that you will not be happy with. We would prefer you to make that kind of purchase elsewhere, or better yet, not at all. We turn down products on a regular basis. Most of our products are Made in the USA, and, in the cases where we allow an import, it is because it has been time tested and we trust the company — which is always based in the USA.

Selection Matters

We get a chuckle from manufacturers that seem to claim their product is the best and perfect for everyone. Every garage is different.  Because we carry multiple manufacturers, we have no incentive to suggest one over the other. It is all about what product is best for you. We have put our most popular products on this site, but we have access to thousands of SKUs.  Call us, and we will help you find the best product. Period.





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