Rust Bullet Garage Floor Kits

A simple and permanent garage floor coating that requires no acid etching or grinding. No hot tire lifting.

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Rust Bullet Saves The Hassle and Expense of Garage Floor Epoxy With Time Proven System. Superior to Paint!

Tired of garage floor epoxy systems that sell for thousands of dollars and then lift from hot tires. Or those $99 miracle garage floor coatings in a box that simply do not work. Rust Bullet is the answer for your concrete coating project. From garages to industrial projects, our coatings kits will simply and easily cover your concrete surface.

Unlike garage floor epoxy, you do not need to grind or etch your garage floor for most applications. Rust Bullet will not lift from hot tires and is incredibly well tested by accredited third party organizations. Our kits include solvent, oil stain remover and appropriate amount of Rust Bullet for two coats. Please note if this is for a commercial or industrial applications, we suggest 3-4 coats of Rust Bullet so you will need additional material.

Rust Bullet is a urethane based material, not an epoxy and not a paint. Rust Bullet has been proven to continuous temperatures exceeding 300 degrees so it will not lift from hot tires. Rust Bullet is a single component urethane so it will not have the mixing and curing issues associated with two component products.

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Garage Size

200 Sq. Ft., 250Sq. Ft., 400 Sq. Ft., 500Sq. Ft., 1000Sq. Ft., 2000Sq. Ft.


Metallic Gray (Typical), Metallic Gray With Clear Top Coat (Common), Black, White


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Each kit contains enough material to coat the specified area twice with the gray material. If clear or color top coat is ordered, the kit also includes enough clear or color coat for a singe coat.Kits up to and including 500 Sq. Ft. include a small solvent and a small oil treatment solution. 1,000 Sq. Ft. and larger kits include a gallon of solvent and Metal Blast.
Rust Bullet over Concrete for Garage Floors, Industrial Floors and Commercial Application. This is not a substitute for product labels and manufacturer instructions. The product label and manufacturer instructions shipped with the product ALWAYS contains the latest information. Please read all safety information.CoverageRust Bullet covers 300-400 Sq. Ft. Per Gallon. Typical and smooth concrete will see coverage of 400 Sq. Ft. Per gallon Surface PreparationFor the most part, the surface preparation here is like painting or coating any other surface. You want a surface that is clean and dry. It needs to be free from other sealers and coatings and it needs to be free of oil, grease, etc.If your floor is already clean, sweep it out and get it dust free. A compressor hose works very well. Again make sure it is completely dry.If your floor is dirty, power wash it or rinse it off to get it reasonably clean. Then let it dry. It can’t be damp at all. Completely, 100% dry.If your floor has oil stains in it, use Metal Blast, let it sit as recommended and then rinse it off. Test the area with a small amount of water. If it beads up, repeat. If it does not bead up, you are good to go.The coating needs to be able to penetrate and it is only as strong as what it applied over. If you have a floor that has been sealed or coated in the past, or if you have a floor that is completely covered in oil and grease stains, you are going to have to be more vigilant. You may need to grind the floor.Generally speaking crack and chip repair material is cheaper than our product. It is advisable to repair any concrete damage ahead of time as it will save you money and make the job go easier.The floor needs to be completely dry! MixingRust Bullet Gallons and quarts must be hand mixed using a paint stick for 3 minutes. 5 Gallon containers can be mixed using slow setting on a drill mixer and must be allowed to set.ApplicationTwo to three coats of Rust Bullet is usually sufficient for most concrete applications depending on the concrete’s condition and existing damage. It may be applied by brush, roller (3/8 inch nap) or commercial spray equipment. With concrete applications, roller seems to be the preferred method of application amongst our customers. Porous concrete and heavy traffic areas may require additional coats. Rust Bullet is self-leveling and can fill in cracks, gaps and chips up to 1/4 inch. That said, we recommend filling all cracks and holes prior to applicationIf a slip resistant surface is desired, sprinkle silica or similar fine sand over a tacky coat of Rust Bullet, allow just enough time for the sand to adhere and then apply the final coat of Rust Bullet. Re-coat time is between 12-40 hours but never more than 48 hours. Make sure floor is no longer tacky before walking on it. If your foot sticks it will ruin your floor. Alternatively use spiked shoes. The 48 hours may be decreased if in a high humidity area. If 48 hours has lapsed the surface needs to be scuffed with 150 grit sandpaper or similar. Full cure time is 72 hours.For residential applications, a minimum 6 mil DFT is required for the warranty to be applicable. This can usually be achieved with 2 coats of the Rust Bullet Standard. Any areas that have high traffic may need additional coats.For Commercial/Industrial Applications, a minimum 12 mil DFT of the Rust Bullet Standard must be applied for the warranty to be applicable. To be clear, the minimum DFT is the Standard Product only (or base coat), and does not include the Rust Bullet Top Coat or any other type of coatings.Refinishing or touch ups are also similar, remove loose or flaky paint (if any) dirt, debris, dust, grease, oils etc., scuff the surface with 150 grit or with Rust Bullet Metal Blast, let dry and apply more Rust Bullet.Our color coat may be applied if desired. Typically one coat is sufficient. Our color coat is high gloss and serious injury will occur if you do not take precautions because it is very slick. We recommend a generous portion of silica sand. Our color coat is intended to installed over the base coat and is not a substitution for any of the previously mentioned coats. We include an aluminum oxide anti-skid which should be mixed into the final top coat.Metal Blast can be spot applied to oil stains. If you are applying to the whole floor, coverage is 150 - 200 Sq. Ft. per gallon. Allow to soak in for at least 20 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Allow concrete to completely dry.