Why People Use Garage Floor Mats

garage floor matsGenerally speaking garage floor coverings can take the form of garage floor mats, a coating or a tile. Within each product category, there are obviously sub-categories and different features and benefits.  Generally speaking, people will go with a garage floor mat because they have an isolated area that they are looking to contain moisture, mud and debris or they would like a simple and easy to install seamless garage floor.If you are simply looking for containment, products like the AutoFloorGuard or 50Mil Park Smart Clean Park are the way to go. They feature a PVC membrane with either built-in or attachable edges. The membrane keeps moisture from penetrating your garage floor and the edges help hold moisture, dirt etc in place. Keep in mind they are not 'Garage Flooring' and they are not designed to be a working floor. You would not want to use a creeper, jack or toolbox on the surface of the mat.If you are looking for a decorative and functional garage floor than products that are designed to roll out over the entire slab area a great way to go. G-Floor from Better Life Technology features 7 colors and 5 patterns of roll out PVC flooring. It is available in residential, commercial and industrial grades. G-Floor has been leaving customers floored for over a decade.Like all products, mats can have drawbacks. Most can be overcome by selecting the correct product and installation method. Some potential pitfalls include having to deal with standard sizes that may or may not fit your garage properly, staining and the mat moving around if not properly installed. Like all flooring products, mats can experience expansion and contraction issues. Most of these issues are resolved by using appropriate installation methods for your specific product, job and climate.